Spring Awakening

I’m going to be real with you guys. This iteration of Sobremesa was a difficult one to make happen. Carole and I both have very full lives.  There was this thing Carole did called RYEFEST (congrats to Balcones Distilling, btw). And I have been hustling like a mad woman, growing my marketing footprint across Texas. Not to mention the small thing called motherhood we both do.  Oh, did I mention I got a PUPPY in February? Yikes. When I say life is full, I mean it’s full of joy, full of exhaustion, full of beauty, full of long days and rough nights, which is why we knew we had to carve out space for us to talk about taking time for yourself.

FullSizeRender-2In this world of constant connectivity, there’s nothing more refreshing than moments when we can unplug.  Walking into Carole’s backyard and garden was a beautiful opportunity to do just that.  Spring has officially landed in Waco, Texas and there’s nothing more magical to me than the changing of the seasons—especially seeing the dormant Earth come alive in the springtime.  This is a season of renewal, for starting over, for seizing new opportunities and nurturing delicate dreams, coaxing them into reality

In the midst of the chaos, Carole and I have both been aching for some quiet stillness to center ourselves and gather our thoughts.  When it comes to self-love and morning rituals, you just can’t beat coffee, donuts, and meaningful conversation in the midst of new life as it buds and grows around you. Carole and I decided to make some lavender donut holes with lemon vanilla frosting. We enjoyed them outside on her patio, and they paired perfectly with coffee graciously supplied by Apex Coffee Roasters.


As a 3 on the Enneagram, I completely find my worth in what I can produce and achieve.  So I feel incredibly guilty if I just sit still and breath, take in the moment, not doing a damn thing. These character traits work well for producing and getting stuff done, but I can easily run myself straight into the ground.  When I do this, I transform from a high-performer to an overwhelmed, depressed little clam that wants to do nothing but hide inside a shell. Thankfully, I have a friend who understands this and supports me through the process. She even invites me over and makes me donuts while I play with her little one.

So I encourage all of you to take some time to think about what dreams are lying dormant in your heart. How can you lean into this season of renewal? What in your life do you need to bury? And what do you need to resurrect?  From our table to yours, happy Easter.

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