Self Love, Italian Style


2 years ago this month, Cody and I made the snap decision to fulfill one of our lifelong dreams of traveling to Italy.  We impulsively planned everything from plane tickets to lodging one month before departure, and the spontaneity of being able to up-and-go, travel and see the world was a dream come true. After all the years of watching others do it, I finally got my turn, and it was pure bliss. We did Rome, Florence, a night in Verona, and Venice.
I experienced the art I’ve always wanted to see, the architecture, the culture and food, and I loved being in a place that has you wandering around the streets to just organically stumble upon a cute cafe or church.  All of the experiences stay true to my heart.
IMG_1945Cody and I were reminiscing, and we could recall the steps it took to find each of the places we stayed in…except for one. Our inability to remember that one, simple detail actually weighed on us and kept gnawing at our brains.  That’s what I love about photography! You can revisit these memories any time–whether its that simple door you captured on a whim, or a kid looking into the charcuterie portion of a restaurant–all of these pictures are pieces that, when tied together, represent the meaning this trip gave me.
My heart is always on the go–I want to experience and see things, and these experiences are bigger and matter more to me than anything I will ever own. I’ve always wanted to travel, and it feels like adulthood and the circumstances of my life seem to hold me back from living out this goal.


I know I will return one day, but having a baby can make it even more difficult to just spontaneously drop everything and go (also finances, job, etc!)
This is one reason I’m obsessed with pasta. It brings me back to these memories and fills my heart up with joy, giving me a taste of that feeling I had in Italy. The wonder, the freedom, the novelty and beauty that surrounded me. I can sincerely eat pasta every night just for the comfort,  of course, but definitely also because of the memories I cherish from that trip. With that in mind, we wanted to feature our love for Italian food on our blog this month.
We took our pasta inspiration from Back Pocket Pasta by the FABULOUS Colu Henry.  We picked two of her recipes to sample, and they were both simple to make and delicious to eat.


First up: Tuscan Kale “Cesar” Pasta. We found some beautiful Kale at the Waco Farmer’s Market, grabbed Central Market organic penne pasta from HEB, and dropped a farm fresh fried egg right on top.


For the second pasta dish, we wanted to go in a different direction to achieve a good balance of flavors, so we tried Bucatini All’Americana-ish.  I have to say, I am kind of obsessed with this particular pasta dish. It was so easy to make, and the crispy pancetta adds some nice texture.
February can feel like an emotional rollercoaster, especially with the commercially created holiday that get’s everyone in a tizzy.
At Sobremesa, we say forget finding a “Valentine” (Galentines are great, btw) and instead, we’re calling on all of you to practice some self-love and make some damn pasta!! Also, drink lots of wine. Wine always helps us channel those good vibes that feel so far away during the cold, gray winter.
Speaking of wine, we’ve talked about one of our favorite importers before on the blog, Goat Boy Selections. and two of his wines pair perfectly with both these pasta dishes.
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Let’s all go get our carb on, and love ourselves… Italian style!

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