Golden Spice up Your Life

When I say “turmeric,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? A trendy food fad? Bright yellow stains that will never wash out?

My thoughts immediately go to the delicious curries that dominate the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent.  And my tummy starts to rumble, because I am OBSESSED with Indian food. Carole and I both are. But, this treasured, golden spice that gives so many dishes that gorgeous color does so much more than simply add beauty and flavor to your cooking.

IMG_8119.jpgTurmeric is a legit superfood, and we’ve seen it appear in increasingly unexpected places lately… turmeric latte, anyone?

For our very first blog in 2018, we wanted to focus-in on a nutrient-rich ingredient and explore a few different ways you can integrate turmeric into the food you prepare.

Turmeric benefit #1: It’s an anti-inflammatory! 

“The active ingredients in turmeric are extensive but a particularly crucial compound is curcumin. This substance has received considerable attention in the medical community due to its potent anti-inflammatory abilities. In fact, the strength of this substance is likened to some of the strongest pharmaceutical options for reducing inflammation.” (Source)

IMG_8087During our recipe search, Carole found this gorgeous blood-orange, upside-down cake recipe, and we thought the deep red of the blood oranges would look stunning on top of a turmeric rich poundcake. More on that later…

Turmeric benefit #2: It gives you healthy, glowing skin!

So according to all my searching on the inter-webs, turmeric works a myriad of wonders for your skin–including, but not limited to–healing acne scars, balances oily skin tones, prevents aging and helps reverse sun damage.  (Source) Now, I can’t verify that all of these are scientifically proven, but even if the benefits are minor, you won’t hear me complaining. You basically have nothing to lose when it comes to turmeric.

Okay, back to food! We wanted to feature a crowd-pleasing, accessible Indian-inspired recipe, because it’s January and nothing feels better on a cold day than butter chicken and home-made naan.


Just LOOK at this bowl of amazing goodness! Carole and I were initially intimidated to take on the butter chicken recipe, because successful Indian cooking involves creating layers upon layers of flavors.  We were both very pleased with the results, however.  Just keep in mind that you can’t be in a rush.  Settle in, take your time, and make love to some saucy, spicy chicken!

Turmeric benefit #3: Detoxification, baby!

Turmeric and its active organic compounds have also been found to improve liver function and reduce the levels of toxicity in the body by stimulating the lymphatic system and ensuring that toxins are removed efficiently.


In other words, turmeric works magic on your liver. Which is good news, because you are going to want to drink a whole bottle of this wine right here.

Carole saved this bottle just for me, because it’s in my top 5 favorite wines of all time.  If you live in Waco, you can buy this bottle at The Wine Shoppe, but you will have to wait until the new vintage comes out this Spring.

Spätburgunder (Sh-pate-beh-gunder) literally means “late burgundy” in German. These grapes come from Austria, and they pair perfectly with our butter chicken.

I think it’s about time we got back to that pound-cake.  Oh, delicious, golden layers of cake batter, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways!


Boom! The truth is, Carole is the much better cook in our blog equation, so I relished the opportunity to nail this cake with a vengeance.  I also want to tip our hat to this recipe here, which we totally prepped and made, but then the impending “ice” storm was on its way to Waco and we ran out of time for photos.

So that’s that! We hope you enjoy playing around with the golden spice as much as we did. Cheers to a new year, and we will see all your lovely faces in February ❤



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