Not Just Another Food Blog

Hi! My name is April Leman, and thanks for stopping by this blog.   I also want you to meet my creative partner, Carole Fergusson. Since Carole and I launched this project, we’ve received some amazing feedback, but we also want to clarify our mission and better describe the direction we want our platform to take.


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Waco: Equal Parts Wasteland and Wonderland

Waco is a town full of transients–we attract amazing talent due in large part to Baylor University, but this town also serves as a launching point for entrepreneurs, artists, and craftspeople who wander their way deep into the heart of Texas–eyes gleaming with optimism. So those of us who’ve made Waco a permanent home get to meet these incredibly gifted folks as they pass through, and sometimes we even convince them to take off their coats and stay awhile.

These interesting people pop up so frequently, that with surprising regularity I’ll be sitting at the Wine Shoppe or another local haunt, and out of nowhere will find myself in the midst of a powerful, authentic conversation with an acquaintance about things that matter.  We talk about religion, race, equality, gender issues, politics, and all the other taboo things not typically brought up in polite conversation.

Motivated by Nostalgia 

How did we get here? Why do I feel so deprived of community that I am compelled to reach out to total strangers or mere acquaintances?  I’m not sure why, but the world feels different now than when I was a kid.  There is no such thing as riding bikes around the neighborhood all summer, meeting new kids and playmates along the way.  No more lying in the way back of Grandpa’s station wagon on the way to the lake–no car seats or even a seat belt, just giggles.  Today we live in fear like I’ve never known before, and this fear drives us to stay isolated.  We don’t reach out to one another and we don’t trust each other.



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Sobremesa as a Philosophy

So this is our “why” behind this blog.  We believe we’re not alone in our longing for deeper, more profound interactions with our fellow humans, and it seems we experience these feelings of connection organically when we’re surrounded by good food and wine. When Carole introduced me to the word “sobremesa,” the idea took shape in our minds.  If we can do a better job of bringing people together around a table, maybe this world could look a little brighter. Maybe we can all feel more hopeful.

Where we’re headed

Through this blog, we will elevate these incredibly gifted people who have, at least for a time, dedicated part of their life to this  wonderful wasteland of a town.  We want to help others connect with community and give our followers a glimpse of how that can happen in your own home, wherever you live.  We will occasionally showcase some of our favorite places outside of Waco, just for some good old-fashioned inspiration, but for the most part we will be cooking with and loving on the folks who identify with the adage, “Waco feels like home.”

Stay tuned. I think you’ll like where this is headed…

(Photo Credit: Laura Lee Blackburn)

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