Green with Tomato Envy

I’m friends with people who like to grow things.  Enter exhibit A: check out these big, green beauties grown by Carole Fergusson.


Using a beautiful, locally grown ingredient as your source for inspiration plays a large role in our Sobremesa philosophy.  With the right TLC, you can transform something as humble as a green tomato into delicious magic.

Carole battered these babies in a panko/flour mixture, then fried them in the cast iron with some hot olive oil until golden brown.

Since we’re currently crushing on crostini served any way imaginable, Carole toasted some yummy french bread in the cast iron as well, threw in some prosciutto and let it crisp up (because fancy bacon, duh!), then stacked the tomatoes on top.


Sprinkle with some Parmesan and a few ribbons of basil, and you’re done! Oh wait. There’s wine. I almost forgot the wine! (amateur mistake).


The label on this bottle is hard to read, but this wine is SO FUN to say! It’s pronounced Her-lube-er-loo. Whenever I say it I usually add additional “lube-er-loos” for dramatic emphasis.  It’s juicy and fruity and it’s the perfect side-kick to these fried green goddesses.


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