When it gets hot, go Tapas!

We’re deep in the heart of Texas and someone’s already turned the summer heat up to 11, but we didn’t let this deter us from having some fun in the kitchen! I love collaborative cooking and a tapas themed meal provides a great way to go “potluck” without ending up knee-deep in casseroles no one likes and potato salad 5-ways.

No idea what I mean by tapas? Click here. We’re talking mostly small, sharable plates with a Spanish flair.

Most of these dishes are incredibly simple to prepare, can be made ahead all by you, or you can let your guests get creative and bring something to share.  With tapas there aren’t really any hard and fast rules, so cooking this way feels liberating. Olé!

We started our evening with some munchies–spanish paprika roasted almonds and pesto hummus, featuring basil grown in my mama’s organic garden.


We paired this course with a beautiful rosé from Austria, imported by Waco’s very own David Mayfield Selections.

Attachment-1 (1)

Next up, we continued onto to this amazingly simple roasted beet and goat cheese crostini.  My advice: let the crostini be your canvas and top it with anything and everything. Click here for inspiration.

Attachment-1 (2).jpegTo keep things light, we put  together a salad of cantaloup, prosciutto, and mint.  This is magic in your mouth.  The sweetness in the melon perfectly balances the fatty saltiness of the dry cured ham and the ribbons of mint bring a freshness to balance out the bite.

Attachment-1 (3).jpeg

For our next course, we went with something simple to make that often intimidates people: ceviche.  We used mahi mahi, but any meaty white fish will do (or shrimp!).  Just marinate the raw fish in citrus for at least 4 hours and then add some lovely hot peppers cilantro and whatever else sounds fresh and good.  We served ours on an avocado tower.

Attachment-1 (4)

At about this time we cracked open a bottle of Bobal, which is a lesser-known Spanish grape, to accompany the next course.

IMG_9066 (1).JPGNow, for the show stopper.  If you want to impress the pants off of people without spending much money or working all that hard, marinate a flank steak overnight and then grill for about 1 minute on each side–just enough to give it a good sear and the middle will be a nice mid-rare. Then, throw a bunch of parsley, cilantro, a bit of garlic, lime juice and olive oil into a food processor and voilà! You have a beautiful chimchurri to decorate the top of your steak. And it tastes amazing.

Attachment-1 (6)

You can end your meal with dessert, or you can make a frozen wine cocktail and call it a day. We realized it was national rosé day (whatever that means) so we made frosé because if bon appétite can do it, so can we!

Attachment-1 (5)

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